This is the official website dedicated to sharing information about the Musician, Actor and Author Marten Andersson.  Marten's work includes Starwood, George Lynch Group, Lizzy Borden, Legacy, Jonas Hansson Band, Joy Basu and much more.Snake City Music presents the official website of the acclaimed Bassplayer Marten Andersson. 
Marten's work includes Starwood, Lizzy Borden, George Lynch Group (Lynch Mob), Legacy, Jonas Hansson Band, Joy Basu and more.
Welcome to the official website of Marten Andersson - Bassplayer from Lizzy Borden, George Lynch's Lynch Mob, Starwood, Legacy and more.




Marten's project 'Legacy'is re-released digitally with bonus tracks.

Bass players unite talks  with Marten F. Andersson

Interview with Marten Andersson
by Back to Hard Rock Magazine

Marten Andersson Namm signings 2015

Lizzy Borden tour dates posted!

Icelandic Movie featuring Music from Lizzy Borden

Marten is playing on guitarist
Lorina's (BLS) debut instrumental CD

Lizzy Borden makes Top 10
Glam Metal Bands of All Time

Lizzy Borden will be celebrating
thirty years of American metal

For Those About To Cook: Recipes From bands
Lizzy Borden, Poison, Twisted Sister and more>

Marten's interview with Fallen Blue posted

Marten at the Rock Harvest/Fallen Blue Charity event






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Welcome to the official website of Mårten Andersson. This official Marten Andersson website is full of hard to find videos, interviews and cd's of marten rocking out with the hottest musicians in the business. Don't forget to order the personally signed pictures, CD's, picks, videos and much more. This site is maintained by Snake City Music. All trademarks, logos, band titles and copyrights controlled by Snake City Music. Web contents Copyright © Marten Andersson 2013. All other copyright notices apply to their respective holders. WARNING: All rights reserved. Editorial material, artwork, photographs and sound recording samples provided by Legacy, Starwood, Lizzy Borden, George Lynch Group (Lynch Mob)  are for personal use only. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is a violation of applicable laws and is strictly prohibited.